Facebook App

  • AstroApp is available as a Facebook app on both Facebook standard and Mobile platforms.

    To install AstroApp on Facebook, log in to your Facebook account and search for AstroApp or go to AstroApp Home on Facebook: http://apps.facebook.com/astro_app

    When using the Facebook version of AstroApp you can do the following:
    1. Share your charts
    2. Post your charts to your timeline and to your Photo Album
    3. Generate Linear Transits with your status posts
    4. Create charts of your friends
    5. Use your Facebook photos and pictures as chart backgrounds
    6. Invite Facebook friends

    AstroApp on Facebook Friends Charts
    facebook astroapp1 facebook friends charts
    Friends Charts Table Facebook Photos
    facebook friends charts table facebook photos
    Status Updates and Transits
    facebook status transits  facebook bg photo2