Advanced Transit Searches

To work with the Advanced Transit Search, go to the Forecast/Transits menu and select the Transits to Natal menu option.

In this form you can do the following:


Save Search Area

Search Parameters

The Tree on the left-hand side lists types of searches:
These types allow you to create transit searches to various natal points, such as planets, planet dispositors, midpoints, planetary sums

You can also search for ingresses into regular houses (first option) and 13 houses (2nd option).

Configuring Search Parameters

  1. Select the Type from the Tree list on the left
  2. Configure search parameters on the right. For example, if you select Aspects/Planets, then the Aspects form will appear. There, you can select the Natal planet that will be activated by the transit, Transiting planet, Aspect, Aspect Type and coordinates system. For Houses, you can select the natal house cusp, position of the activated point (the cusp itself, the middle of the house, or the 5 degree before the house cusp).
  3. Once all the parameters are set, click the Add button. The search configuration will be added to the table at the bottom
  4. Repeat this step as many times as necessary. You can combine an unlimited number of search criteria.

Working with Saved Searches

  1. To create a new search, use the File/New menu.
  2. To save the search configuration, fill out the Save Search form, add search parameters and click the Save Search button.
  3. To use the previously saved search configurations use the File/Open menu.