AstroApp Clients on your personal Web Site.


AstroApp provides you with capabilities of integrating its Clients Management System into your personal web site.
Your clients can go to your web site to access AstroScribe reports generated by AstroApp. Moreover, they can log in to your site and watch their reports being created in real time during consultation sessions.

It's very easy to set this up, please see the detailed description here: Clients Management System.

User Guide for your Clients

  1. Your astrologer will send you a link to his web site and your credentials information (your email and the password).
  2. Follow the link provided and log in.
  3. In the left pane you will see all the reports that your astrologer is currently sharing with you. You can select a report by clicking on its name. The report will be loaded in the mane pane.
  4. If you access that web site during your live consultation session, you can also see your report being created in real time:
    1. Select the report that your astrologer is working with right now.
    2. Keep hitting the Refresh button to see your report being modified.