Time Lords, Planetary Ages and Vedic Dashas

There are many time lords systems and dashas used by Hellenistic, Medieval, Vedic, and Modern astrologers.

In AstroApp, you can calculate the following:

Hellenistic and Medieval Time Lords

  1. Ptolemy's Planetary Ages
  2. Decennials
  3. 129 Years System
  4. Balbillus Method
  5. Zodiacal Releasing
  6. Annual Divisions
  7. Profections (also known as Sudarshana-progressions in Hindu Astrology)
  8. Quarters of the Moon
  9. Lunar Monomoiria
  10. Firdaria
  11. Profections
  12. Greater Condition method of Profections (Umar al-Tabari)
  13. Lord of the Turn (al-Qabisi and Al Sijzi methods).
  14. Lord of the Orb (Abu Mashar and Diego de Torres methods).

Vedic Astrology: Dashas

  1. Vimshottari Dasha. The most commonly used Nakshatra-based dasha system.
  2. Naisargika Dasha.
  3. Niryana Shoola (Jaimini). Rasi based dasha.
  4. Niryana Shoola (Raman). Rasi based dasha. Unlike the Niryana Shoola (Jaimini), in this case if Lagna (ASC) falls into a masculine sign, the dasha starts from the sign of the 7th house instead of the 1st.
  5. Chara Dasha.

Modern timing techniques

  1. Huber Age Point.
  2. Dane Rudhyar's Age progression.