Time Lords: Decennials

The Decennials is the Hellenistic time lord technique that is mentioned by such authors as Firmicus, Valens, and Hephaistio.

To view the Decennials for the current chart, go to the Forecast menu and select the Decennials... menu option. The Decennials form will appear.

There, you can to select the starting Planet which is depending on the chart's sect will typically be the Sun, or the Moon.
The Year value defines how 360 days annual periods will be converted to the actual calendar days. The most common practice is to use the 360 days conversion.
The Method listbox  allows you to set days subp-periods calculation rules according to either Valens or Hephaistio.
After setting all the required calculation parameters, click OK. The Decennials table will be shown.

The Decennials table contains the following information: