Predictive Astrology: Diurnal Quadrants

The Diurnal Quadrants is a medieval forecasting method that is found in works of Bonatti and William Lilly.

To calculate the Diurnal Quadrants please use this flow:
  1. Open or create your base chart
  2. Go to the Forecast/Diurnal Quadrants... menu.
  3. Select the Time Key method:
    1. Lilly
    2. Bonatti
    3. W. Döbereiner
  4. Select the Year length (default is the Tropical 365 days year). The following options are available:
    1. Tropical (365)
    2. Bija Corrected
    3. Sidereal
    4. Egyptian/Hellenistic - the year length is 360 days
    5. Abu Ma'shar
    6. Masha'allah
  5. Click OK.
The Diurnal Quadrants table will be opened.


The Diurnal Quadrants method is described in Bonatti's Liber Astronomiae, part II under "The Division of the Quarters of the Circle".
It's also described in William Lilly's Christian Astrology under the "What part of his Life is like to be best"? section (First House Questions).
For further information, please refer to Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise article by Meira B. Epstein in The Mountain Astrologer issue #181 (June/July 2015).