Election Charts and Dynamic Transits

Election Charts

To work with Election Charts select the Chart/Election Charts... menu option. The Election Chart window will open.

The Election Charts tool is designed to search for the best time for an event.

Searching based on Time:

To calculate the chart for the current time and default location, simply click on the Calculate button.

If you change any of the date fields or the time, the chart will be re-calculated automatically. You can click on any of the date or time controls and use arrow keys to keep changing the time dynamically.

You can also change the location by specifying new Country, City, geographical coordinates, Time Zone, and so on.

Searching for Date and Time based on House Cusps positions:
  1. In the House Cusps section, select the House System.
  2. Then, set the house cusp you want to use as the determining factor. ASC will be used be default.
  3. Use the In Zodiac field to enter the position of the house cusp you are searching for.
  4. Click the Use House Cusp button. The chart will be recalculated to bring the requested house cusp to the specified position as close as possible. After that if the position is not exact, you can adjust the time manually by changing values of the Mins (minutes) field.

Electional Charts are always calculated using Geocentric coordinates and Tropical Zodiac.

Note: the Essential Dignities table will only display weighting values based on Essential Dignities, Accidental Dignities are not taken into consideration.

Dynamic Transits

Dynamic Transits module allows you to superimpose transiting planets on the currently selected chart and animate transiting planets movement.

To open the Dynamic Transits module, select the chart and then navigate to the Forecast/Dynamic Transits... menu.
To get started, click the Calculate button. The natal chart with the current transits will be drawn.
Just like with the Election Charts, you can change any of the date fields or the time and the chart will be re-calculated automatically. You can also click on any of the date or time controls and use arrow keys to keep changing the time dynamically.

Price Wheels [Available in the AstroApp Financial Gold Edition only]

Price Wheel feature is based on pricing conversion techniques described in Bill Meridian's Planetary Stock Trading book.
Steps to generate a Price Wheel for a company:
  1. Select the Finance/Price Wheel... menu option.
  2. Set the date to be for any date in the past when this company was trading.
  3. Select the type: Stocks or Commodities.
  4. When working with stocks, make sure to select the Market the stock is trading at (USA markets, Euronext, India NSE).
  5. Enter the Ticker for the required company or select a Commodity.
  6. Select the Price to be used for calculation. The following values are available:
    1. Open
    2. Close
    3. High
    4. Low
    5. Average
    6. Adjusted
    7. Adjusted Average
  7. Location. This can either be left as default or changed to New York, USA - NY.
  8. Click the Calculate button.
  9. The Price Wheel will be drawn with price values shown next to each of the planets/asteroids.
Note: the Price Wheel can only work with the stocks traded in the USA.

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