Chart Events

The Charts Events functionality allows you to combine lists of events for your charts. There are 3 types of events:

  1. Predictive/Forecast Charts (such as Returns, Progressions, Vedic Progressions, Solar Arcs, Persian Directions, etc)
  2. Predictive hits (such as transits, primary directions, time lord period start dates and so on).
  3. Custom events (user-defined events, typically life events such as marriage, birth of the first child and similar).

Adding and Saving Events

To save events for the current chart please follow these steps:
  1. Open your base natal chart. Note: Events for derived charts (such as solar returns) cannot be saved. Events are always linked to the natal chart.
  2. To save a chart:
    1. Generate your Forecast chart. For example, create a solar return using the Forecast/Returns... menu.
    2. Expand the Charts menu and hit the Save menu option. The chart will be saved.
  3. To save an event or a transit hit:
    1. Generate a table of events. For example, use the Forecast/Directions/Primary Directions... menu to create the a list of Primary Direction events.
    2. In the Primary Directions table, select an event/date and then click the +Event button. The event will be saved.
  4. To create and save user-defined events:
    1. Expand the Charts menu and select the Events... menu option.
    2. Click the Add New button.
    3. Enter required information in the last editable row of the Events table.
    4. Hit Enter or simply navigate away from the newly created row. The event will be saved (assuming all fields have been filled out correctly). Note: Event Name, Date, Lat and Long fields are required. Latitude and Longitude are always pre-populated with data from the natal chart, default time is set to noon.

Viewing Events and Saved Charts

To view events associated with the currently selected natal chart, expand the Charts menu and select the Events... menu option there. The Events  table will come up.

To open and view your saved charts in the main pane, follow these steps:
  1. Select the chart/event you want to open.
  2. Click the Open button. Note: only events of type Chart can be opened in the main window.

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