Profections (Greater Condition method)

Greater Condition profections are based on the method described by Umar al-Tabari. Unlike the typical Profections where a single whole sign is considered as 1 year equivalent, this method uses 30 degrees as equivalent to an entire year.

The Profections/Greater Condition method table contains dates when the profected object forms conjunctions or ray aspects to the various points of the base chart.

In order to calculate the Profections using the Greater Condition method you need to go to the Forecast/Profections/Greater Condition... menu and select the following parameters:

1. Planet. This is the planet or a body that is being profected. You can select ASC, MC, prenatal lunation, or any planet.
2. Year. This is the option to specify the Year duration. Umar al-Tabari uses 365.25 days so the default option is the Sidereal year

The Greater Condition table contains the following information:
  1. Planet. This is the planet the Profected object is making an aspect to.
  2. Aspect. This is the Aspect that is being formed by this profection.
  3. Aspect Type. Types of the Aspects - D: Dexter or S: Sinister.
  4. Date. This is the date when the exact aspect will be formed by this profection.
  5. Distance. Distance from the profected planet at the beginning of the profected year to the point of contact with the aspected object.

Modern variations

There are somewhat similar timing techniques proposed by Bruno Huber known as Huber Age Point and by Dany Rudhyar (known as Age Progression).