Financial Astrology: First Trade charts Import

To import Bill Meridian's First Trade charts database, select the Finance/Get Charts Data... menu option.

The Get Charts Data screen allows you to import First Trade charts and automatically pre-calculate them based on your current settings and parameters (visible planets and objects, house system, coordinates system and Tropical vs Sidereal Zodiac).
If you want First Trade charts to be calculated using parameters other than your defaults, then select the appropriate values:

Note: the way First Trade charts are imported and per-calculated will affect Chart Search results.

After all Calculation Parameters are set, select the Country (at the top right corner of the Get Charts Data window bar) for which you want to get the charts. USA, Australia, and Hong Kong databases are available.
If you want to import all the charts for all the countries, select the All option in the Countries list (not recommended as it will slow down chart searches and scans).
Only then click the Process button. The import process will start. It may take anywhere from a few seconds to ~10 minutes to import all the charts.

Important: The First Trade charts database is being updated often. So we strongly advise you to keep checking the Get Charts Data page regularly. Whenever new charts become available, you will see them in the table. All charts listed are immediately available for your import.

If you would like to re-calculate already imported charts using different Calculation Parameters, navigate to the Finance/Recalculate... menu option, select your new parameters and click the Process button.
The recalculation process may take several minutes to complete.

after each recalculation your chart images are likely to display stale data and may need to be re-drawn.