AstroApp on Facebook


You can use your Facebook account to log in to AstroApp.
Facebook integration allows you to use Facebook features features in AstroApp and AstroApp features on Facebook.

NOTE: You should set your AstroApp password** by going to and then to My Subscription menu. There, click on the My Account Information link.

For security reasons we always recommend to have different passwords for AstroApp and Facebook accounts.

***: IMPORTANT: In order to link your AstroApp account with existing subscription to your Facebook account, you need to make sure you are using the same email address for both AstroApp and Facebook accounts. You can change your AstroApp email by going to and then to My Subscription menu / My Account Information link


To install AstroApp Facebook application, log in to your Facebook account and either search for AstroApp or simply go directly to the home of AstroApp on Facebook:

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