Fictitious Bodies, Dark Stars, Uranian (Hamburger) planets, Special Points, Vedic Upagrahas, Special Lagnas, Sphutas, Arudhas.

Fictitious Bodies

To generate the list of various Fictitious bodies, please use the List/Fictitious Bodies menu.
The details for the following Fictitious bodies will be calculated:
  1. Isis
  2. Nibiru
  3. Harrington
  4. Neptune (Leverrier)
  5. Neptune (Adams)
  6. Pluto (Lowell)
  7. Pluto (Pickering)
  8. Vulcan
  9. White Moon (Selena)
  10. Proserpina
  11. Waldemath
  12. Phaethon - this is a former planet that got broken up into pieces currently known as asteroids (The Asteroids belt between Mars and Jupiter).

Fictitious Bodies of WvA school of Astrology

To generate the list of various Fictitious bodies that are used by WvA school, please use the List/Fictitious Bodies (WvA) menu.
The details for the following WvA Fictitious bodies will be calculated:
  1. Persefone
  2. Hermes
  3. Demetr

Uranian (Hamburger) planets

If you want to get the list of Uranian (or Hamburger) planets, go to the List/Uranian and Hamburg menu.
The details for the following Uranian Planets will be calculated:
  1. Cupido
  2. Hades
  3. Zeus
  4. Kronos
  5. Apollon
  6. Admetos
  7. Vulkanus
  8. Poseidon

Dark Stars

  1. Mean Lilith
  2. True Lilith
  3. Natural Lilith
  4. Priapus
  5. Dark Star of the Sun
  6. Dark Star of the Moon
  7. Dark Star of Mercury
  8. Dark Star of Venus
  9. Dark Star of Mars
  10. Dark Star of Jupiter
  11. Dark Star of Saturn
  12. Dark Star of Uranus
  13. Dark Star of Neptune
  14. Dark Star of Pluto
  15. Dark Star of Chiron
  16. Dark Star of Pholus
  17. Dark Star of Ceres
  18. Dark Star of Pallas
  19. Dark Star of Juno
  20. Dark Star of Vesta

Special Points

  1. Vertex
  2. Equatorial ASC according to Koch
  3. Co-ASC according to Koch
  4. Co-ASC according to Munkasey
  5. Polar ASC according to Munkasey.
  6. ASC
  7. DESC
  8. MC
  9. IC
  10. Nonagesimal MC
  11. Nonagesimal IC

The Fictitious Bodies table contains the following information:

Vedic: Upagrahas

  1. Dhuma
  2. Vyatipata
  3. Privesha
  4. Indrachapa
  5. Upateku
  6. Kaal
  7. Mrityu
  8. Artha Praharaka
  9. Yama Ghantaka
  10. Gulika
  11. Maandi

Vedic: Special Lagnas

  1. Bhava Lagna
  2. Hora Lagna
  3. Ghati Lagna
  4. Sree Lagna
  5. User-Defined Lagnas can also be shown in this table. Please use the Special Lagnas Editor (Utilities/Special Lagnas Editor menu) to define your own Lagna points.

Vedic: Sphutas

  1. Trisphuta
  2. Chatu Sphuta
  3. Pancha Sphuta
  4. Prana Sphuta
  5. Deha Sphuta
  6. Mrityu Sphuta
  7. Sookshma Sphuta
  8. Beeja Sphuta
  9. Kshetra Sphuta

Vedic: Arudhas

  1. Lagna Arudha
  2. Dhana Arudha
  3. Vikrama Arudha
  4. Matru Arudha
  5. Santana Arudha
  6. Vyadhi Arudha
  7. Bharya Arudha
  8. Niryana Arudha
  9. Bhagya Arudha
  10. Karma Arudha
  11. Labbharudha
  12. Vyaya Arudha

All the Vedic special objects tables contain the following information:

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