Financial Astrology: Research Criteria

In order to get started with the Financial Research module, you need to define your Research Criteria first.

Creating new Criteria:

  1. Select the Finance/Research/Criteria menu.
  2. Enter the Criteria Name.
  3. Optionally, add the Criteria Description in the text area below the Name field.
  4. Select the Type of events:
    1. Natal to Transit
    2. Transit to Transit
    3. Transit to House Cusps
    4. Station in Longitude
    5. Station in Latitude
  5. Then select the interacting objects:
    1. Click on the first Points... button. In the Available Points list, select one of the points (planet, asteroid, lunation, house cusp and so on). You can also select the Custom option. This will allow you to enter any point in the Zodiac as your object. You can also select an Arabic Part by clicking the Arabic Parts... button.
    2. Select the Type of the Object:
      1. Own position - the actual position of the selected object will be used
      2. Dispositor - the position of the ruler (dispositor) of the object will be used instead
      3. 1, 2 and 3 Tripl. Rulers
      4. Bound Ruler
      5. Face Ruler
      6. Antiscion
      7. Contra-Antiscion
  6. When applicable, repeat the same steps for the second object.
  7. Select the Aspect Type (All, only Dexter, or only Sinister)
  8. Select the Aspect. You can select any of the predefined aspects or use the Others... option to chose an arbitrary angle to be used as the defining aspect.
  9. Click the Save button.

To create one more Criteria, expand the File menu and select the New menu option. Then repeat the steps above.