Financial Astrology: Composite Planetary Cycles and Stock Prices

To view Planetary Cycles Data, select the Finance/Planetary cycles... menu option.

Planetary Cycles and Stock or Currency Prices Form

  1. Select the type: Stock or Currency exchange.
  2. For Currency exchange rate backtesting, select two currencies.
  3. For stocks price backtesting, enter the valid ticker for the corresponding country market (USA, Europe or India).
  4. Select the Coordinates system (Geocentric, Topocentric or Heliocentric)
  5. Select one or more planets for which cycles need to be calculated.
  6. Select the step rate in degrees. The default value is 10 degreees.
  7. The Anchored check box will even out / normalize the price results.
  8. If you want to use Barbault index, check the Barbault check box.
  9. Click OK.