Financial Astrology: First Trade Charts

If you want to use our database of First Trade charts, please read carefully.

Step 1. Importing Bill Meridian's database of First Trade Charts

  1. Select the Finance/Get Charts Data menu option.
  2. Select the Country you want to import chart data for. Note: for performance reasons it's strongly recommended to import charts only for those countries you are going to be working with. More charts you import, slower the searches will be.
  3. Select settings (House System, Coordinate System, Zodiac) and planets (Include Planets) to be used in all First Trade charts.
  4. Click the Process button. After the import is done you can start using the charts, searching for them and so on.

After import is done, please keep checking  the Finance/Get Charts Data occasionally as we keep adding new companies and charts regularly. Any chart that hasn't been previously imported will be shown there.

Step 2. Working with Charts Data for the first time

  1. Select the Finance/Companies Data menu option.
  2. In the Find Companies section, enter your search criteria and click the Find button.
  3. If companies are found, they will be shown in the Companies section.
  4. Click on the company you want to work with. If the First Trade chart is available for this company, it will appear in the Charts section of the same screen.
  5. Double-click on the First Trade chart in the Chart section (or select the chart and click Open). The chart data will be shown in the main window.
  6. Click the Redraw button. The chart's image will be shown in the main tabs pane.