Financial Astrology: Research

The Financial Research Results screen can be accessed from the Finance/Research/Research menu and also from the Finance/Research/Results table.

Working with the Financial Research Results:

  1. You can save the Results for each Criterion by clicking the Save icon (leftmost cell for each row in the table).
  2. If you move your mouse over any day (cell) in the upper table, the Info window will appear showing the following information:
    1. Day number (trading day from the event)
    2. Up - how many times the price was up on that day.
    3. Down - how many times the price was down on that day.
    4. AER (Long) - Annualized Expected Return if long trading strategies are used.
    5. AER (Short) - Annualized Expected Return if shorting trading strategies are used.
  3. To quickly determine the price change between any trading days, click on the first day (the cell in the table that corresponds to that day) and then on the day you want to compare the prices to. The results will appear in the bottom of the screen next to the Done button. Day 1 is the first day you have clicked, Day 2 is the 2nd, and the Difference is the Price change between the two days expressed in %.
  4. To change the Chart type, right mouse click on the chart and use the Chart Type context menu to chose between Area, Column, Bar or line presentation.
  5. To save the Graph as an image, right mouse click on any empty (white) area of the chart and select the Save Image menu option.

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