House Systems

The following house systems are currently supported (almost 60 in total):
  1. Placidus
  2. Koch
  3. Porphyrius
  4. Regiomontanus
  5. Campanus
  6. Alcabitius
  7. Abenragel (Hali Abenragel, this system is also known as Ascendant-parallel-circle or APC house system)
  8. Meridian (also known as Axis Rotation or Zariel system)
  9. Horizontal (azimuthal)
  10. Classical
  11. Sripati (Hindu Bhavas)
  12. Vedic
  13. Topocentric
  14. Equal houses (multiple systems):
    1. From ASC
    2. Vehlow equal (ASC is placed in the middle of the first house)
    3. Equal from all major Planets and Moon's North Node *
    4. Equal from Vertex
    5. Equal from Equatorial ASC
    6. Equal from Polar ASC
  15. Morinus
  16. Sunshine. The house system based on Solar Declination. Please note that cusps for the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 11th, and 12th houses are calculated independently, so the distance between the opposite house cusps such as 2nd and 8th may not always be equal to 180 degrees.
  17. Natural Hours
  18. Natural Chart
  19. Earth
  20. Krusinski
  21. Neo-Porphyry
  22. Albohazen (Poly-Equatorial or Carter)
  23. Octopos. This system uses 8 houses instead of traditional 12. **
  24. Dominion. This system is also based on 8 houses instead of 12. **
  25. Whole Sign from ASC
  26. Whole Sign from planets
  27. MC Whole Sign
  28. M-Houses
  29. MC-Mirror (Levitsky)
  30. AM Sidereal Hours
  31. Decanate Incognito (Licht)
  32. Vehlow Nonagesimal RA
  33. Gauquelin Zones
*:   If a planet from which the Equal houses must be calculated is currently hidden in the Settings/Settings window, then Sun will be used as a starting point for the first house instead.
**: For systems that contain 8 houses instead of 12, please use the Proportional Wheel Style (View/Styles/Circle Charts/Proportional menu option).