Kala Hora and Muhurtas

Vedic Astrology

Kala Hora

To view the Kala Hora table for the current chart, go to the Traditions/Vedic menu and select the Kala Hora menu option. The Kala Hora table will be shown.
This table contains all hours for the given date; the chart's current planetary hour will be highlighted.


There are 2 ways to Muhurtas can be calculated:

  1. Proportional: the time between sunrise and sunset is divided proportionally.
  2. Fixed: the Muhurta duration will always be equal to 48 minutes.

To view the Muhurtas, expand the Traditions/Vedic/Muhurta menu and select one of the Muhurta menu options.

Chaughadia Muhurta

To get the Chaughadia Muhurta hours, expand the Traditions/Vedic/Muhurta menu and select the Chaughadia Muhurta menu option.
The Chaughadia Muhurta table contains information about the Chaughadias names, numbers, start times and corresponding planetary rulers.
The base chart's Chaughadia will be highlighted.

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