Medical Astrology: Remedies

You can assign remedies to various symptoms, diseases and to astrological criteria.
AstroApp database of Astrological remedies includes:
  1. Culpeler's Herbal (321 plants)
  2. Boericke Homeopathic materia medica (686 substances)
  3. Traditional acupuncture formulas (113 formulas)

Linking Remedies to Astrological Criteria and to Symptoms

  1. Expand the Traditions/Medical/Remedies menu and select the desired option (Culpeler's Herbal, Homeopathy/Boericke Materia Medica or Acupuncture).
  2. Select a remedy.
  3. To link this remedy to a symptom or a disease click the Add button in the bottom left corner.
    1. The Symptoms window will come up.
    2. Select a symptom there and click the Add button.
  4. To link astrological criteria to this remedy:
    1. Click the second Add button at the right side of the window. Note: astro criteria can be created using the Research/Advanced Search... module.
    2. Select a criterion or yoga.
    3. Click the Add button.

Chart Analysis / Remedies

  1. Select the chart you wish to analyze.
  2. Go to the Traditions/Medical menu and click the Analysis: Remedies menu option.
  3. The list of remedies that match the current chart will come up.

Acupuncture: Meridians abbreviations

LU: Lung meridian
LI, CO: Large Intestine meridian
ST: Stomach meridian
SP: Spleen meridian
HT, HE: Heart meridian
SI: Smalll Intestine meridian
Bl, UB: Bladder meridian
KI: Kidney meridian
P, PC, HC: Pericardium, Heart Constrictor meridian
TW, TH, SJ: Triple Warmer, Tri-Heater, Triple Burner, or San Jiao meridian
GB: Gallbladder meridian
LV, LI, LIV: Liver meridian
CV, VC, Ren: Conception Vessel meridian
GV, VG, Du: Governing Vessel meridian

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