Medical Astrology and Diagnostics: Symptoms and Diseases

You can link diseases and symptoms to astrological criteria and to remedies such as Culpeper's Herbal, Homeopathic remedies, and acupuncture formulas.

Linking Symptoms to Astrological Criteria and to Remedies

  1. Expand the Traditions/Medical menu and select the Symptoms... option.
  2. Select a symptom.
  3. To link a remedy to this symptom click the Add button in the bottom left corner.
    1. The Substances window will come up.
    2. Select a remedy/substance there and click the Add button.
  4. To link astrological criteria to this symptom:
    1. Click the second Add button at the right side of the window. Note: astro criteria can be created using the Research/Advanced Search... module.
    2. Select a criterion or yoga.
    3. Click the Add button.

Diagnostic Analysis

  1. Select the chart you wish to analyze.
  2. Go to the Traditions/Medical menu and click the Analysis: Symptoms menu option.
  3. The list of symptoms that match the current chart will come up.

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