Mundane Conjunctions: Great, Middle, and Lesser Conjunctions.

There are many 3 types of Mundane Conjunctions data that you can generate with AstroApp, including the Great Conjunctions, Middle Conjunctions and Lesser Conjunctions.


To view the Great Conjunctions data for the 2500 years, select the Traditions/Mundane/Great Conjunctions/Great Conjunctions... menu option.
To view the Middle Conjunctions (Mars and Saturn) or Lesser Conjunctions (Mars and Jupiter), select the corresponding menu options from the Traditions/Mundane/Great Conjunctions menu.

The Conjunctions table contains the following information:

Creating Mundane Charts for Conjunctions

  1. Open the Great Conjunctions table.
  2. Select the Conjunction event you want to create your chart for.
  3. Click on the Chart button.
  4. Enter the location details for the chart.
  5. Click the Add New button. The chart will be created and shown in the main pane.

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