Mundane Astrology: Planetary Cyclic Indexes.

Planetary Cyclic Indexes

  1. To work with the Planetary Cyclic Indexes go to the Traditions/Mundane menu and select the Planetary Cyclic Indexes... menu option.
  2. Se the Start Date.
  3. Select the planets or asteroids forming the cyclic index. Make sure to select at least two or more planets. The Planetary Cycles Indexes module allows selecting all upper planets starting from Mars, the North Node and 6 major asteroids.
  4. Alternatively you can just check the Barbault check box if you want to get the original Barbault Planetary Cyclic Index.
  5. Select the Years. That's the span of time for which the Planetary Cyclic Index will be calculated.
  6. Select the Rate. This is a rate (or step) of calculations. It can be anywhere from 1 month to 36 months.
  7. Set the Harmonic value. The default value is 1 (1 essentially means that no harmonic transformations will be applied).
  8. Click the OK button.
The Planetary Cyclic Index graph will appear.

Bradley's Siderograph

  1. Expand the Finance menu and select the Bradley Siderograph... menu opiton.
  2. Select the Bradley Multiplier that is used for the Long Term Sums.
  3. Set the Years span.
  4. Set the frequency rate. 12 month is the default value.

Note: if the data cannot fit the graph, the displayed dates interval will be automatically reduced.