Lunar Days

To view the Lunar days for the current chart, go to the Details/Lunar Days menu and select the required Moon days calculation method. The Lunar Days table will be shown.
This table contains all the Lunar Days for the given month, and the chart's current Lunar Day will be highlighted.
You can select from the four different calculation methods:
  1. Traditional.
  2. Tithi. This is a Vedic method of lunar days calculation. It's based on the time that is required for longitudal angle between the Moon and the Sun to increase by 12.0 degrees.
  3. Angle. This method is based on the actual lunar phase (changes in terminator position over time).
  4. Equal. This method is based on division of the lunar month on 29.5 days. The days will always be of equal length.
Note:  Traditional Lunar days calculations rely on rising/setting times of the Moon and therefore may not be performed for circumpolar locations. So if your chart's latitude is 60 degrees or higher, chances are that the Traditional method of Lunar Days calculation will not work for you. In such cases only days that can be calculated will be shown (typically a few days only).