Planetarium and the 3D Styles Designer

To view the currently opened chart in the 3D Planetarium format, use the View/3D Planetarium... menu option.
To manage 3D Styles, go to the Utilities/3D Styles Designer... menu.


The Planetarium window allows switching between the View and the Designer modes. In the View mode you can use Planetarium, find objects, planets and house cusps.
In the Designer  mode, you can edit the way the Planetarium is drawn and create your own 3D presentation styles.

3D Planetarium: the View mode

3D Planetarium: Styles Designer

To open an existing 3D Style:
  1. Expand the File menu and select Open...
  2. Select a Style and click Open.
    The Style will be opened in the Designer window.

Editing 3D Styles

The following properties can be modified:

Note 1: Please make sure that pop-ups from are not blocked in your browser.
Note 2: If you are using IE, ActiveX must be enabled in your browser settings.
Note 3: To disable the daylight / nighttime feature, set the Day and Night colors to the same value.

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