Traditional Astrology: Advanced Profection Techniques

To generate the Advanced Profections, select the Forecast/Profections/Profections (Advanbced)... menu option.

Arabic, Persian, Medieval Profections

  1. Select the Start Date.
  2. Select the Profection Method:
    1. Annual - this is traditional annual profections
    2. Monthly - monthly profections
    3. Daily - daily profections
    4. Hours -  hourly profections
    5. Firdaria - Firdaria Profection. This method is based on Al Biruni's Al Mas'udi Canon and calculates profections according to the firdaria years
    6. Great - Great Profection. According to Al Biruni's, this type of profections is based "on the natural age of humans".
    7. Qisma - Qisma Profections. The Profection as practiced by medieval persian astrologers such as Abu Abdhullah Al Baqqar.
    8. Qisma Abu Marwan. The Qisma Profection variation according to Abu Marwan Al Istiji. This profection is similar to the more mainstream Qisma profection but calculated in Right Ascension.
    9. Solar Return Profection. This type of profections were used for Solar Return charts
    10. Solar Arc
    11. 360 degrees - profection rate of 360 degrees per year.
  3. Year Type:
    1. Tropical - this is the default option that should be used in most cases.
    2. Egyptian / Hellenistic (360 days)
    3. Abu Ma'shar
    4. Masha'allah
    5. Sidereal
    6. Bija-corrected
  4. Aspects
    1. Conjunctions - Only Conjunctions
    2. All - include All Aspects
  5. Click OK. The Profections table will be shown.