Mutual Receptions

Mutual Receptions

To view the Mutual Receptions for the current chart, select the Details/Mutual Receptions menu option. The Mutual Receptions table will be shown.
This table contains the following five major types of mutual reception:
  1. Mutual Reception by Sign Rulership.
  2. Mutual Reception by Exaltation.
  3. Mutual Reception by Triplicity.
  4. Mutual Reception by Bound (Term).
  5. Mutual Reception by Face (Decan).

Negative Mutual Receptions

There are also two types of Negative Mutual Receptions available:
  1. Planets are in each others' Falls.
  2. Planets are in each others' Detriments.

Sign Agreement Receptions

  1. Sign Agreement by the same Lord.
  2. Sign Agreement by equal light.
  3. Sign Agreement by equal ascension.

Note: All the receptions calculations above are based on the User Settings (such as the Rulership system, Triplicity systems, scoring rules and so on).

Generalized Planetary Hours Receptions

These receptions are based on the Generalized Planetary Hours positions of the planets. This technique was pioneered by Bob Makransky.
To view the Generalized Planetary Hours receptions, select the Traditions/Generalized Planetary Hours/Mutual Receptions menu.
The following types of Generalized Planetary Hours receptions are available:
  1. Hours. Planets are in each others' Hours.
  2. Hours/Signs. First planet is in Hour of the second planet, while the second planet is in the Sign ruled by the first planet.