Lunation Families or Moon Families

Moon Family

Moon Families (also known as Lunation Families) is a method developed by Dietrech J. Pessin and described in her book Lunar Shados: The Lost Key to the Timing of Eclipses. The idea is that each lunation is part of a 'family' of lunations - so for example, a New Moon is followed by a first quarter moon 9 months later where the Moon is at (more or less) the same degree as the New Moon. 9 months after this, there is a Full Moon where the Moon is at the same degree as the New Moon (with the Sun at the opposite degree to the New Moon). The final stage of the moon family is the last quarter, where again, 9 months later, the Moon falls at the same degree (more or less) as the originating New Moon. This cycle is basically a repetition of a moon family cycle from one metonic cycle previously, and it will again be repeated 19 years hence in a further metonic cycle. Each family may or may not include eclipses, and over time; eclipses phase in and out of the moon family because the nodal return cycle is not exactly the same as the metonic cycle.

Moon Families do not require the base chart and can be calculated based on the start date and location.

To calculate the Moon Families, expand the List menu and select the Lunation Families... menu option there.
  1. Select the Start Date,
  2. Set the Location.
  3. Click OK. The Lunation Families table will appear.

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