Secondary Progressions

Progression Charts are always derived from the base chart, so in order to calculate the Progressed Chart you will need to cast the base chart first.

To generate a new Progressed Chart, please follow these steps:
  1. Open a chart or create a new chart.
  2. Expand the Forecast menu and select the 'Progressions...' menu option. The Progressions form will appear.
  3. Select the following:
    1. Date and time for which the Progression chart will be calculated.
    2. Progression Rate. The following rates are available:
      1. Secondary. One day corresponds to one year of life.
      2. Tertiary. One day corresponds to one lunar month of life.
      3. Minor. One lunar month corresponds to one year of life.
      4. Solar day/Perigee year
      5. Solar day/Eclipse year
      6. Solar day/Tropical month
      7. Solar day/Synodic month
      8. Solar day/Draconic month
      9. Solar day/Perigee month
      10. Sidereal day/Sidereal year
      11. Sidereal day/Perigee year
      12. Sidereal day/Eclipse year
      13. Sidereal day/Sidereal month
      14. Sidereal day/Synodic month
      15. Sidereal day/Perigee month
      16. Sidereal day/Draconic month.
      17. Duodenary
      18. Sub-Duodenary
      19. Septenary
      20. Novenary
      21. Quinary
      22. Self-Measure
      23. 1 Symbolic Degree/User Defined - 1 degree per 1 calendar day rate.
    3. MC progression method. You can select from the following methods:
      1. Mean Quotidian
      2. True Solar Arc (in ecliptic longitude)
      3. True Solar Arc (in RA)
      4. Mean Solar Arc (in ecliptic longitude)
      5. Mean Solar Arc (in RA)
      6. 1 degree per year
      7. Birth MC (natal MC)
      8. Mean Solar Arc Cardano (in RA).
    4. Location.
    5. If the converse progression calculation is required, check the Converse check box.
  4. Click OK. The Progression chart will be shown in the main pane.

Vedic Progressions

To open the Vedic Progressions window, expand the Forecast menu and select the 'Vedic Progressions...' menu option.
There are 3 types of Vedic progressions available. You can select them using the Type list box.

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