Lists of Transits

To view the Transits List for the current chart, go to the Forecast menu and select the Transits List... menu option. The Transits List form will open.
The Transits List Table contains the following information:
  1. Transit: natal planet
  2. Dynamic: dynamic aspect made by the transiting planet to the natal planet.
  3. Transit 2 or Natal: this is either transiting planets or natal planets or natal house cusps.
  4. Natal Aspect: if the current planets' pair also forms an aspect in the natal chart, then this aspect will be shown here.
  5. Start: this is the date when the transit enters the aspect orb or planets' moety.
  6. Exact: the date of the exact aspect.
  7. 2nd Exact: the second date of the exact aspect. This may happen in case if one of the planets changes its motion from retrograde to direct or vise versa.
  8. End: the date when the transiting planet leaves the aspect orb or moety.
  9. Exact Pos: the zodiacal position of the transiting planet at the time of the first exact aspect.