AstroScribe: Exporting to PDF

The easiest way to save AstroScribe reports is to use the Print to PDF functionality that comes with most modern operating systems.
If this is not available, then you can use any of the following free utilities:

Saving AstroScribe reports in PDF

1.     Create a new AstroScribe report and save it.
2.     Go to Reports/Saved Reports, select your report and click the View. This will open the report in a new browser window.
3.     Open browser Print dialog for this window (by pressing Ctrl+P or from the Print Menu if available).
4.     In the Print dialog set name of the printer to be Print to PDF (or similar – this option may vary from system to system). If you’re using CutePDF or PrimoPDF, you will see corresponding options there.
5.     Click OK. This will generate a PDF file from the AstroScribe report for you.