Shestopalov School: House Rulership Table

The House Rulership according to Shestopalov table shows house rulers and co-rulers according to Shestopalov school of astrology.

To open the House Rulership Table for the current chart, go to the Traditions/Modern menu and select the Shestopalov: House Rulers menu option.

The House Rulership table displays the following data:
  1. House - house numbers
  2. House Cusps - position of House cusp in Zodiac
  3. House Rulers - planets that rule the sign the cusp is in.
  4. Co-rulers - planets that rule the second sign after the sign of the cups that the house occupies.
  5. Minor Co-rulers.
  6. Symbolic Co-rulers.
  7. In House:
    1. In House: planets in this house.
    2. In House -3°: planets within the 3 degrees ahead of the cusp of this house.

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