Solar Returns Distributions

The Solar Returns Distributions or Solar Return Circumambulation is an ancient time-lord technique also known as Directing through Bounds. The Solar Returns Distributions method found in translations of Umar Al-Tabari and several other medieval sources. This method is implemented in AstroApp based on the presentation at UAC 2012 by Ben Dykes, PhD.

To view the Solar Return Distributions for the current natal chart, go to the Forecast menu and select the Solar Return Distributions... menu option. The Returns form will open.
The Solar Return Distribution chart contains the following information:
  1. In the center of the chart:
    1. SR ASC: this is the position of the Solar Return ASC.
    2. LOY: Lord of the Year (based on the annual profection for this year).
    3. Profection: this is the profected sign.
  2. Green dots within the inner circle represent the annual profected signs quadrant. So for example, if the annual profection comes to Taurus, then Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius will be marked with the dots.
  3. Planets in blue and red circles:
    1. Planet in the red circle - this is the natal Lord of the Year.
    2. Planet in the blue circle - this is the position of the Lord of the Year in the Solar Return.
    3. ASC in blue circle - this is the position of the ASC in the Solar Return.
    4. Dates:
      1. Dates next to Solar Return ASC is the Solar return date and is the start of the list of dates for this year.
      2. Dates next to signs are based on the ascensional directions of the Solar Return ASC.
      3. Dates in red in cyan are based on the ascensional directions of the natal and solar return lords of the year.
Note: the Solar Return Distributions charts always use the Whole Sign house system.