Charts Group Analysis Results

Astro Research

To analyze commonalities and differences of charts in a group:
  1. Open the Research menu and select the  Charts Group Stats... menu option.
  2. Drag currently available charts from the top table to the bottom and click OK.
  3. Select the criteria you want to use to analyze this set of charts and click the Right blue arrow (or simply drag those criteria to the right table).
  4. Click the Analysis button. 

The table with analysis results will be shown.

Values in green signify the most frequent occurrences, values in red - least common ones or the ones that never occur.

Clicking on the Graph button for each criterion will open the Graph. The Analysis Graph displays data for the selected criterion along with standard deviations below and above the mean (blue lines) and statically expected values (green line).

The Group Analysis functionality is also available from the Advanced Search Results screen:

  1. Open the Research/Advanced Search window.
  2. Select search criteria and search for the charts.
  3. In the Search Results window, click the Group Analysis button.
  4. You will be presented with the list of available Criteria. Select the desired Criteria and click the Analysis button

The same table with analysis results will come up.

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