Wheel Styles

There are many Wheel Styles available.

To change the Style of the currently selected chart, go to the View/Styles menu tree. Once the style is changed for the current chart, it will be used for all the derived charts (such as Returns, Progressions, Draconic, etc).

Wheel Styles and Circle Charts

    This menu contains the following pre-defined styles:
  1. Proportional Circle - this style is based on the houses instead of Zodiac.
  2. Planets Inward.
  3. Planets Inward 2. In a single wheel mode this style is identical to the Planets Inward style. In the biWheel mode this style displays the 2nd wheel outside of the base chart preserving the base chart size.
  4. Zodiac Circle - this is a traditional style that is based on Zodiac circle.
  5. Rainbow - rainbow gradients for both Zodiac and House dials.
  6. Rainbow Houses - rainbow colors for the House dial only.
  7. Rainbow Zodiac - rainbow colors for the Zodiac dial only.
  8. French - this is a variation of the Zodiac Circle with planets drawn outside of the Zodiac circle.
  9. Zodiac Wheels 1 through 4
  10. European Wheels 1 through 4.
  11. Dignities Circle - this style displays 5 concentrically drawn circles, each representing one of the 5 main essential dignities:
    1. Innermost Circle contains information about the Sign Rulers
    2. Next circle displays planets that exalt in each Sign.
    3. The 3rd circle from the center displays all 3 Triplicity rulers in their diurnal order.
    4. The next circle shows term/bound rulers.
    5. And finally, the outermost circle presents information about the decan (face) rulers.
  12. Bounds Circle - this chart style displays a circle of bounds (terms).
  13. Moon Aspects/Horary - chart style designed for Horary work. It shows Moon aspects and planetary orbs on the zodiacal wheel.
  14. Lunar Mansions - 28 lunar mansions with their Arabic and Hebrew notations.
  15. Nakshatras - 27 nakshatras wheel.
  16. Music Wheel - planetary positions converted into musical notes.
  17. Aspect Grid - this style displays the chart wheel along with the aspects grid.
  18. Spheres of the World: 5 chart styles with different color schemes based on user settings and on modern and ancient sources such as Picatrix, Al Biruni, Lilly, and Sepharial.
  19. 13-Signs Zodiac Wheels:
    1. Thirteen Signs Zodiac Wheel
    2. Thirteen Signs Anchored Zodiac Wheel
    3. Thirteen Signs Ecliptic-anchored Zodiac Wheel
  20. Multi-Zodiac Wheels:
    1. Tropical/Sidereal
    2. Tropical/Sidereal/13 Signs
    3. Tropical/13 Signs
    4. Tropical/Galactic
    5. Tropical/Galactic/13 Signs
    6. Tropical/Sidereal/Galactic
Additionally, you can create Custom Wheels using the Wheel Designer. All user-defined Custom Wheel styles are available under the View/Styles/Custom Styles... menu option.

Uranian Dials

There are five pre-defined Uranian Dials available (for 45, 60, 90, 120, and 180 degree angles).
You can also create your own Uranian Dials - go to the View/Styles/Uranian Dials menu and select the Custom Dial... menu option, then enter the degree and click the OK button.