Traditional Temperament Evaluation

To view the Temperament details for the currently selected base chart, select the Details/Traditional Protocols/Temperament... menu option. The Temperament window will appear.

In Classical astrology, the Temperament evaluation procedure is calculated based on the following factors:

You can adjust the relevance of each factor by double-clicking any of the Hot/Cold/Moist/Dry cells and then using the spinner controls to increase or decrease their values. Note: changing values will only affect the totals for the corresponding qualities, it will not affect the base temperament for the corresponding factor. So, for instance, if your rising sign is Virgo and you change the Hot value from 0 to 1, it will increase the Hot quality relevance for the chart (totals at the bottom of the table). However, the Temperament of the Virgo sign is still going to remain Melancholic (Cold+Dry).

Note: in the AstroApp Traditional Basic Edition, the Traditional Temperament table can be found under the Details/Temperament... menu.

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