Common Problems and Solutions

Missing Images.
Any time you see that the chart image is missing or incorrect or stale, click the Redraw button. In most of the cases this should solve the problem.

Issues with Log in and with unresponsive browser.
If you are using anti-malware software, it may occasionally block your login or prevent AstroApp from functioning correctly.
Old versions of the following anti-malware software are known to cause problems on some systems: CSAM, MessageLabs.

TimeOut on Firefox 14+.
Firefox browser may give you time out errors if you are using the FireBug or similar plug-ins and add-ons. Running FireBug on any version of Firefox is not supported.

Clicking "GO" buttons instead of OK/Done buttons on some mobile devices does not close the form or does not produce the expected results.
Some of the mobile devices (such as iPads) have a special "Go" button that comes up each time you open a form. We strongly recommend using AstroApp buttons instead of such "Go" buttons.

Premium features are disabled immediately after the upgrade from Free to a Paid membership.
If you launch AstroApp as a free user and then upgrade your membership, please make sure to log off from the AstroApp window, reopen the browser and log in again.
AstroApp will recognize you as a Premium member after your first log in.

Modern Astrology features do not work after upgrading from the Traditional Basic Edition.
Traditional Basic edition disables Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto since they’re not used in traditional practice.
Upgrades from Edition to Edition always keep User Settings intact and so if you are upgrading from Traditional Basic to any other Edition, you would need to go to the Settings/Settings menu, then to the Planets tab and enable the outer planets. This is only required for some of the Modern features such as Astrodynes.