Not supported configurations

The following applications, anti-malware software, browsers and add-ons are not supported. AstroApp may not function correctly if any of those are installed on your system.

Browser plug-ins and add-ons

  1. Firebug (add-on for Firefox browser).

Anti-malware and AntiVirus software

You should always make sure your Anti-malware and AntiVirus software is up to date and that at least the following web technologies are not blocked:
  1. JavaScript.
  2. Dynamic page requests.
  3. Pop-ups from

The old versions (pre-2012) of the following anti-malware products have known bugs that in some rare cases may prevent AstroApp from functioning correctly:
  1. CSAM
  2. MessageLabs

De-supported Browsers

Even though AstroApp may work with those browsers on some computers, we are not planning to support such systems.
  1. Internet Explorer 6 or older. Please use Internet Explorer 7 or higher instead.
  2. Opera (Windows version).

Please check this page periodically for any changes.