Uranian Dials

There are two types of Uranian Dials - Dials that can be used as printable chart Styles and Dials with Pointers.

Dials with Pointers

To Open the Uranian Dial with Pointers, select the Traditions/Modern/Uranian Dials... menu option. The Uranian Dials window will appear.
When the pointer hits a midpoint between planets, the connected planets will be shown by the blue line.
Also, the previously found midpoint that is closest to the current Pointer's position will always be shown in the Nearest Midpoint field.

Dials as Styles

Any chart can also be drawn using Uranian Dials styles. In order to convert the currently selected chart to the Uranian Dial, go to the View/Uranian Dials menu and select the required dial or enter a custom dial value to create a custom dial.