AstroApp Collaboration Tools


AstroApp provides you with means and tools for online collaboration with fellow astrologers. AstroScribe reports can be shared between any paying AstroApp user that allows such sharing. Shared reports then can be updated by both the author of such reports and by users that the author is sharing those reports with.

Sharing AstroScribe reports with other Users

Steps to share your AstroScribe reports with other users:

  1. Go to the Reports/Saved Reports... menu.
  2. Select the report you want to share. The Users/Shared With column shows number of users each report has been shared with by you.
  3. Click on the Share image button. The Users screen will come up. Note: only users that are currently allowing sharing will appear in the Users list.
  4. Check the Shared checkbox next to the User. The AstroScribe report will be shared with that User. Note: other Users will be able to view and edit reports that you're sharing with them. However, other users will not be able to see or change clients that you are sharing this report with (if you are sharing with any). This is done to protect the privacy of your clients.

Updating AstroScribe reports shared with you by other Users

In order for other users to be able to share their AstroScribe reports with you, you will need to allow such sharing first. Select the Settings/Settings... menu, then go to the Privacy tab. In the Privacy tab, select "Yes" in the Allow Sharing list box and click OK.

Note: when you enable sharing, other paying AstroApp subscribers will be able to view your Username and your Email.

To view reports that other AstroApp users are presently sharing with you, go to the Reports menu and select the Shared Reports... menu option. The Saved Reports table will appear.

Then, in the Saved Reports table, select the report you want to view or edit, then click the View or Edit button respectively.

Note: you can update anything in the report that had been shared with you. However, you will not be able to view clients that are using this report (if any) and you will not be able to share that report with your own clients. This is done to prevent accidental sharing of clients information with other users.