Vedic Astrology: Ashtakoota

Vedic Synastry: Ashtakoota

To use the Ashtakoota (Vedic Synastry method), please follow these steps:
  1. Open a chart or create a new chart. This is your base chart.
  2. Open or generate the 2nd chart. Make sure one chart is that of the groom and the other of the bride.
  3. Expand the Traditions/Vedic menu and select the Ashtakoota menu option.
  4. Drag both charts from the top table to the bottom table.
  5. Click the Ashtakoota button.

The Ashtakoota table will come up. The table displays the total compatibility score and also breaks down the total Ashtakoota value into the following individual compatibility categories:

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