Vedic Settings

The Vedic Progression Charts are always derived from the base chart, so in order to calculate the Vedic Progressed Chart you will need to cast the base chart first.

To configure the Vedic Astrology modules, please use the Vedic Settings screen:
  1. Select the Settings/Vedic Settings... menu option.
  2. In the Vedic Settings screen, set the following:
    1. Zodiac. Tropical or any of the 30 ayanmasa-based Zodiac types.
    2. Show Glyphs. This option controls how planetary glyphs are shown in Vedic charts:
      1. Glyphs - traditional glyphs will be shown
      2. English - abbreviated English names of the planets
      3. Sanskrit - abbreviated Sanskrit names of the planets
  3. Sarvatobhadra/Text: This option controls the way information is presented in the Sarvatobhadra chart. Text can be shown in English or Sanskrit.
  4. Planetary Relationships. Temporary Friendship relationships between planets in higher Vargas can be calculated from:
    1. Natal - from Rasi chart
    2. Varga - from the Varga
  5. Sapta Nadi. There are two methods of Sarvatobhadra vedhas calculations available:
    1. Traditional (original)
    2. Narapatijayacharyā
  6. Ashatkoota Varna. Ashtakoota Varna can be determined based on:
    1. Moon - Rasi of the Moon
    2. Moon Navamsa - Navamsa of the Moon
    3. ASC - Rasi of the Lagna
    4. Sun - Rasi of the Sun
  7. Ashtakoota: Yoni Koota calculation can be done using:
    1. 27 Nakshatras method
    2. 28 Nakshatras method