Vargas - Vedic Divisional Charts

Follow these steps to cast a Varga Chart:
  1. Select an existing chart or create a new chart.
  2. Select the Traditions/Vedic/Vargas... menu option.
  3. Select the Ayanamsa and the Varga chart. Available Vargas:
    1. D1: Rasi,
    2. D2: Hora,
    3. D3: Dreshkana,
    4. D4: Chaturthamsa,
    5. D5: Panchamsa,
    6. D6: Shasthamsa,
    7. D7: Saptamsa,
    8. D8: Ashtamsa,
    9. D9: Navamsa,
    10. D10: Dasamsa,
    11. D11: EkaDasamsa/Rudramsa (traditional and Iyer's calculation methods),
    12. D12: Dvadasamsa,
    13. D16: Shodasamsa,
    14. D20: Vimsamsa,
    15. D24: ChaturVimsamsa,
    16. D27: SaptaVimsamsa,
    17. D30: Trimsamsa,
    18. D40: KhaVedamsa,
    19. D45: AkshaVedamsa,
    20. D60: Shastamsa
  4. You can also override the base Style chart with either South or Indian square chart styles.
  5. Click the OK button.
The Vedic Divisional Chart will be drawn in the main pane.