Wheel Designer

The Wheel Designer provides the ability to create Custom Styles for Circle charts.

To open the Wheel Designer, select the Utilities/Wheel Designer... menu option.

Creating a new Wheel Design

  1. Click the New button.
  2. Enter the name of the new Design Style.
  3. Hit Enter.
The new Style will be created.

Editing Wheel Designs

To edit Wheel Designs, simply click on the Design you would like to edit in the Styles table.

Wheel Design Properties

  1. Wheel Style Name: this is the name of the currently selected Wheel Style.
  2. Wheel Type: there are 2 types available - Proportional and Zodiac. Proportional Style will draw charts based on Houses division, Zodiac style will produce charts that are based on Zodiac signs division. Certain Wheel Designer options may not be available for Proportional Style (such as Zodiac Degrees separators and Sign Dividers).
  3. Anchor: this is the starting point of the wheel and it defaults to ASC. You can set it to Planets, Asteroids, Lunar Nodes, Angles (ASC, MC), etc.
  4. Background Color: this property sets the background color for the Style.
    Circles (1 to 6):
    You can add up to 6 circles to the chart style. Each Circle has the following customizable properties:
  1. Radius: this is the radius of the currently selected Circle.
  2. Fill Color: this is the color the circle will be filled with. Note: in order for the fill color to appear,  you need to select the Fill Opacity property.
  3. Fill Opacity: this property controls opacity/transparency of the circle's fill color. Setting this property to 0 will result in completely transparent circle (i.e. the Fill Color property will be ignored). On the other hand, setting this property to 10 will produce a circle that will hide any images, circles or other features that are drown on its background.
  4. Line Color: this is the Color of the circle's line.
  5. Line Width: this is the width of the circle's line.
  6. Line Style: this property defines the style of the circle's line (solid, short dots, short dashes, dots, dashes, and long dashes).
  7. Visible checkbox: if you uncheck this checkbox, the currently selected circle will be hidden.
    This property allows you to control appearance of the Zodiac related features:
  1. Degrees Separator Step: how often degrees separators should be drawn. By default, the separators will be drawn every 5 degrees.
  2. Separators Color: this is the color of degrees separators lines.
  3. Separator Start/End: these properties define the length and positions of the degrees separators lines.
  4. Sign Radius: this is the position of the Zodiac Signs.
  5. Sign Divider Start/End: these properties define the length and positions of 12 sign divider lines.
    Note: only the Sign Radius property is available for the Proportional Style charts, the rest of the Zodiac Properties are only available for the Zodiac Style charts.

  1. Planet Radius: this property defines positions of planets' glyphs.
  2. Planets Info Radius: this property defines positions of planets' detailed information (longitude degree, sign, minutes, retrograde marker).
  3. Show Planets Info: check or uncheck this check box if you want to show or hide planets' detailed information.
  4. Info Font Size: this property defines the size of the font in which planets' detailed information will be shown.
  5. Info Font Style: this property defines the style of the font (Normal, Italic, Bold, Bold and Italic).
  1. Line Color: this is the color of House Cusps lines.
  2. Line Width: width of the House Cusps lines.
  3. Line Style: style of the House Cusps lines.
  4. House Cusp Start/End: these properties define positions and length of the Cusps lines.
  5. House Numbers: this property sets the position of the house numbers.
  6. House Number Color: sets the color of the house numbers.
  1. Aspect Radius: this property defines the position of aspects circle.
  2. Show Aspects: this checkbox toggles visibility of the aspects. If it's unchecked, no aspects will be shown and the rest of the Aspects properties will be ignored.
  3. Show Symbol: check this checkbox if you want to see the aspects' glyphs shown.
Once all the properties are set, click the Save button.
In order to apply Custom Styles, go to the View/Styles/Custom Styles... menu and select the style from the list.