Aspects and Angular Distances

Aspects and Distances

To view the Aspects and Angular distances for the current chart, select the Details/Aspects/Aspects and Distances menu option. The Aspects and Distances table will be shown.
The bottom half of the table contains all the Aspects for the currently selected chart.
The top half of the table displays the shortest angular distances between the planets in the chart.

Note: All the aspects presented are based on the User Settings (such as orb values, orb vs moety calculations, etc).

Whole Sign Aspects

To view the Whole Sign Aspects for the currently selected chart, go to the Details/Aspects/Whole Sign Aspects menu option. The Whole Sign Aspects table will appear.
This table contains the whole sign aspects only.

Note: the Whole Sign Aspects table will show traditional aspects only (Conjunction, Sextile, Square, Trine, and Opposition) and any settings configured in the Settings/Settings menu/Aspects tab will be ignored.