Chart Analysis

Chart Analysis.

To analyze a chart:
  1. Open a chart or create a new chart. This is your base chart.
  2. Select the Research/Analysis... menu. The list of all the saved Search Criteria will come up. The list will contain all pre-defined Search Criteria such as Vedic Yogas and all User-defined Advanced Search Criteria.
  3. Select one or more criteria you want to check your current chart against and click the Open button.
  4. The Results window will come up. All Search Criteria combinations that are found in the currently selected chart will be shown in the Results table.

Financial Technical Indicators and Events Analysis

  1. Open the Technical Indicators form using the Technical Indicators and Transits menu option.
  2. Fill out the required criteria.
  3. Generate the technical analysis chart for the selected stock.
  4. Click on the Show Events button.
  5. Select one of the previously saved Transit Events searches and click the Events Search button. The Events will be marked with cyan flags on the technical analysis chart.

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