Financial Astrology: Companies Data

To view Companies Data, select the Finance/Companies Data menu option.


To find companies you want to work with, enter any or all of the following:

Click the Find button.

The list of companies that match your search criteria will appear in the Companies table.

Working with companies charts

  1. Find companies you wish to research first.
  2. In the Companies table, click on the Company. The list of charts associated with this Company will appear in the Charts table.
    1. Select a chart and click the Open button to view this chart.
    2. Select a chart and click the Edit button to edit this chart.
    3. Click Delete to delete this chart from your database.
    4. Click the Add New button to add a new chart for the currently selected Company.

Note: AstroApp Financial Edition allows you to create both regular/personal charts and charts associated with the companies. Those charts are treated slightly differently by AstroApp. To search for your personal charts please use the Charts menu options; to search for companies related charts always use the Finance menu options. Financial charts will not be added to your personal database. Also, Financial charts cannot be added to your personal Favorites charts.

Bill Meridian's database of First Trade Charts: The complete flow

If you're planning to use Bill Meridian's database of the First Trade charts, please read the Detailed Instructions first.