Financial Astrology: Stock Price Graphs and Transits

To open the Stock Charts, go to the Finance menu and select the Stock Graph and Transits... menu option.
The Stock Graph form will open in a new browser window (or new browser tab).

Start by entering the following information:


There are 2 major categories of events:

  1. Actual transits (Transit to Transit, Station in Longitude, and Station in Latitude options). Those are actual transits not linked to any company charts.
  2. Transits against company charts (Natal to Transit and Transit to House Cusps options).

Transits against various company charts require those charts to be available. You can create charts for significant events using the Finance/Companies Data screen.

Additionally, you can use Bill Meridian's database of the First Trade charts. Instruction on importing First Trade charts: Get Charts Data.

Available event Types:

  1. First Trade
  2. Incorporation
  3. IPO filing
  4. Company Creation
  5. Found/CEO birthday.

Events options details:

For all the Event Types except Stations you can further narrow down your search and restrict aspects by Dexter or Sinister aspect types, and by Applying or Separating aspects.

Stocks Comparison

AstroApp keeps history of the last four stocks selected.

If you want to compare 2 stocks, follow this process:

  1. Enter Start and End Dates, and the Ticker for the first stock and click Refresh.
  2. Repeat the same steps for the second stock ticker.
  3. In the left bottom corner, expand the Compare to: list box and select the stock ticker you want your current stock to be compared with. Data for both stocks will be shown. The last selected will be shown in the candlestick chart format with corresponding volume bar chart. The second stock that you're comparing to will be shown as a line of day-close prices.

Note: search spans are restricted to 5 years.