Interpretation Reports

Generating Interpretation reports

To generate Interpretation report for the currently selected chart:
  1. Select a chart or create a new chart.
  2. Select the Reports/Interp report... menu.
  3. In the Interpretations table, select the Interpretation Set you want to use to generate the Report.
  4. Click the Select button. The Interpretation report will be generated and opened in a new window. The reports are generated in HTML format.
Note: Interpretations for Aspects, Planets and various Celestial bodies will be shown based on your settings configured in the Settings/Settings menu/Aspects tab and the Settings/Settings menu/Planets tab.

Editing Interpretations

To start editing Interpretations, follow these steps:
  1. Expand the Utilities menu and select the Interpretations editor... menu option.
  2. Select the Set of Interpretations you want to edit. You can also create a new Interpretations Set by clicking the 'Add New' button and providing the following details:
    1. Interpretation name - name of the report.
    2. Language - language of the report.
    3. Zodiac - either Traditional 12 Signs or Sidereal 13 Signs. Note: If the set is configured to work with the 13-Signs Zodiac, then Ophiuchus sign will also be shown in all Signs list boxes.
  3. Once the Set is created, select it in the Interpretations Editor table and click the Select button. Note: when modifying or adding a new Interpretation Set name, all you need to do to save your changes is to navigate away from the field (for instance, by clicking the 'Select' button).
  4. After selecting the Interpretation Set, the Interpretation Editor window will open. There, use the Type field to switch between combinations of objects and astro configurations. Use the white text area to enter your interpretation texts for each of the types. You can change font size, style, and color, make certain words bold, italic, or underlined.
  5. Make sure to always save each interpretation text entry by clicking the Save button after editing each configuration type.