Fixed Stars Elections

Fixed Star Elections are based on medieval and renaissance astrology magic procedures. AstroApp implementation follows instructions from the Astrology & Magic course by Christopher Warnock, Esq.

Steps to search for Fixed Star Elections:
  1. Open a chart or create a new chart. You can simply click on the Now button to quickly cast a chart for the current moment.
  2. Open the Election (Fixed Stars) form (from Charts/Election (Fixed Stars) menu or from the Traditions/Magic/Election (Fixed Stars)... menu.
  3. Select the start date and time for the search. The search will cover 1 month (30 days) from the start date/time.
  4. Select the stars search method:
  5. Finally, select your location and click OK.
The table will all the dates that satisfy election criteria will appear. You can then double click on any of the dates to cast charts for the exact moment of the Election.