Events Search Form

In order to open the Event Search form, expand the Forecast menu and select the Events Search... menu option.

Searching for Events

You can search for the following events:
  1. Aspects between Planets
  2. The time when the planet enters a specified Zodiac degree.
  3. The rest of the events for the selected Planet such as Stations, Latitude transits and so on will be displayed automatically.
In order to conduct the search, please follow these steps:
  1. Select the Planet for which the search will be performed.
  2. In the Aspects list, select the Aspect you want to search for.
  3. In the to Planets list, select the Planet that is making aspect to the main planet.
  4. To search for the time when a planet enters a certain Zodiacal degree, select the degree value in the Degree field.
  5. Set the Date from which the search will begin
  6. If you want to search backwards from the selected date, check the Converse check box.
  7. Click the OK button. The Events Table will appear.
Note: Steps 1 through 4 above are optional and are only required if you wish to search for Aspects or Zodiacal degrees transits. The rest of the events such as Stations in Longitude and Latitude, Latitude transits and so on will be calculated automatically.

Note: Aspect events cannot be searched between the same planet (i.e. Sun conjuncts Sun). Please make sure that different planets are selected in the Planet and the To Planet fields.